Let’s get you set up

We like to think of your Toobski or Raftoob® as an investment in fun. This Toob-torial will help you get the fun started faster.

Inflation instructions

1. Remove the inner tube, cover, carabiner, and hand tow strap from the packaging.

2. Unfold the inner tube and cover.

3. Place the inner tube inside the cover with the valve facing down.

4. Rotate the inner tube inside the cover until the valve is centered between two handles on the cover.

5. Remove the cap with your fingers, then inflate the inner tube with an air compressor or bicycle pump.

6. Fill the inner tube until it becomes very snug within the cover.
• The bottom material should be taut like a drum when the inflation is correct.
• If the inner tube becomes wrinkled or bulged, it’s overinflated. Let some air out of the valve until the wrinkle or bulge is gone.

7. Put the cap back on. Tighten with fingers until snug

  • Under Inflated

  • Over Inflated

  • Correct

Pro-tip: Add more air

Your Toobski or Raftoob inner tube is very thick and can seem fully inflated when it’s not. Please continue to ADD MORE AIR until the inner tube is tight within the cover. The inner tube should fill the entire cover.

Are you a tubing newbie?

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