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Toobski Slopemaster

Toobski Slopemaster

World-class snow tubes

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This durable, heavy-duty snow tube is engineered for speed, safety, and a smooth ride. Go down the hill solo or connect several tubes for the ultimate gravity-induced adrenaline rush. Fun for all ages.

The Toobski 109 Slopemaster cover measures 50 inches in diameter flat and 43 inches (109 cm) in diameter inflated. Each Toobski includes the cover, heavyweight inner tube, one connect carabiner, one connect webbing strap, safety valve and cap, and a rapid deflation tool.


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Toobski Slopemaster: World-class snow tubes

Durability & materials

Toobski tubes are built to last with:
• Heavyweight inner tube: Made with more than 6 lbs. of 100% butyl rubber
• Fabric cover (top): UV-resistant, 1000 denier polyester and seamless construction
• Fabric cover (bottom): Slick fiber reinforced heavyweight tarpaulin
• Soft but ultra-strong seat belt webbing secures the primary seam
• Tool for rapid deflation and easy storage included
• Secure handles and a strap to pull the tube up the hill

Safety & comfort

At Toobski, safety is a priority with:
• Industry-exclusive no-poke valve with hemisphere safety cap
• Soft-bottomed tubes (as opposed to hard plastic that can shatter)
• Smooth-gliding ride
• Handles for many riding positions

Exclusive connection system

Want to make a Tooboggan with your friends? Connect your Toobski tubes together with:
Toobski’s U.S. Patent Pending Connect System
• One 4′′ spring-loaded 6061 aluminum carabiner
• One 2′′-wide 75′′-long webbing strap

With Toobski’s heavy-duty sledding tubes, you’re ready for adventure

You’re not really tubing unless you’re TOOB-ing!

Everything you need to know before you hit the snow

We’re here to help you have the best tubing experience possible.

How to setup/inflate your tube

Successful snow tubing checklist

The physics of fun: What happens when we connect tubes together?

Toobski makes it easy to tube together with our Connect System. The more tubes you have, the faster you’ll go. And, fast is fun!

Learn the science behind the fun

The benefits of soft-bottomed tubes

You may have seen (or used) hard-bottomed tubes at resorts. But soft-bottom tubes are safer, more comfortable, and easier to store.

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